The LEGEND FX AI Referral Program

Unlock Earnings with Every Referral to Our VIP Signals!

Welcome to The LEGEND FX AI Referral Program, where your network becomes your wealth! We’ve designed a lucrative referral system that rewards you generously for every new VIP signal subscriber you bring in. Start earning today and watch your commissions grow exponentially!

How It Works

Our referral program is straightforward and highly rewarding. You can earn up to 12% commission for each direct referral, plus an additional 5% commission for each subscriber referred by your subsequent referrals. Here’s how it breaks down:

Commission Distribution

First Referrer

Direct Referrals: Earn a substantial 12% commission.

Indirect Referrals: Gain an extra 5% for each subscriber from the second referrer.

Second Referrer

Direct Referrals: Secure a 12% commission for each direct referral.

Indirect Referrals: Benefit from a 5% commission for each subscriber from the third referrer.

Third Referrer

Direct Referrals: Enjoy a 12% commission on all direct referrals.

Indirect Referrals: Receive 5% commission for subscribers from the fourth referrer.

Subscription Plans

Our referral program applies to all referrals who successfully get subscribers for any of the following subscription plans.


$ 45

3 Month

$ 130

6 Month

$ 200


$ 370

Start Earning Today!

Join The LEGEND FX AI Referral Program and turn your network into a steady stream of income. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or just getting started, our program offers an exciting opportunity to monetize your connections and grow your earnings exponentially. Sign up now and start earning with every referral!

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